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Borixon X Popek X Porchy X Chronik - "???"

Premiera: 2017

Brak bliższych informacji na temat tej płyty...

Dodał: szymon19979
2015-04-27 07:21:00

ccordinc 2015-07-25 10:20:20
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wwearde 2015-08-17 10:30:27
Suntech founder Europe Peng: Rogue seven Nike Jordan Hydro 2 years, we are on the road to survive the transition 1% i dark horse: In 2008, the founder of Suntech Europe Peng proposed \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 Nike Shox rdquo ;, Internet strategy since the night sneak seven years off after financing, personnel clearance, technical clearance, route clearance, business relationship, product off, tissue Nike Jordan Super Fly 2 off Today, one week Internet course Suntech income 8,000,000, net of income hey learn 1,500,000, it is the traditional enterprise transformation of one percent survive. \u0026 Ldquo; This is a war for seven years to prepare, and you only see the moment shot. \u0026 Rdquo; asked me a few days ago a peer micro letter: \u0026 ldquo; the EU total, you are to cut off the line of business are you? \u0026 Rdquo; I answer \u0026 ldquo; Yes \u0026 rdquo ;, then he asked \u0026 ldquo; do not feel bad? \u0026 Rdquo; the moment I suddenly realized that, as a normal human is that I feel bad the way, the truth was I had no feeling. Because all what happened today, we Nike Lebron 11 predicted seven years ago, even in the last seven Nike Air Nike Blazers High Max years of more than 2,500 days and nights, we travel thousands of miles just to sneak the night that day, every year we have experienced a life and death exams. In 2008, financing closed in Penny Hardaway 2008, we proposed the \u0026 ldquo; Internet Strategy \u0026 rdquo ;, operating income at that time, only 40 million Suntech, technical staff is zero. When the country launched the \u0026 ldquo; 4 万亿 plan \u0026 rdquo ;, Accordingly, we infer Chinese economy will enter an era of high inflation, Cheap Nike Free Outlet while labor and rent costs is inevitable, but the two biggest cost is the cost of educational institutions, education organization of the living space in the future will be constant pressure, the solution Nike Blazers Low Womens is fully Internet-based. So I'm interested to see investors rushing, met with dozens of investors, no one interested. Investors are generally not optimistic about the traditional Internet business transformation, they even think that a fledgling child may be more than a traditional business owner to do better, they think in fact there is a certain reason, because they are extremely vulnerable to the human past the successful experience of the bondage. After much blow, I decided to put face to face only big business, big enough for a money-losing Internet business to provide a steady stream of cash flow support. In 2009, people close but still have a dream, if achieved it. In 2009 when I buried bitter for face to face business, in a hurry always see practitioners, Internet education, was the largest of the three-campus is Paul, east Austria and Universal's key executives, there are people that would like to \u0026 ldquo; defections \u0026 rdquo; come and I do together. I was deep in conversation with these three teams have dared to last many, because they are deeply kidnapped past successful experience, they all told me to do - campus must develop agents to sell the course through agents. And this model will inevitably lead to a result between organizations and users across the agency and the slow Nike Lunar response, I asked \u0026 ldquo; can not get rid of agents to sell directly to consumers Courses \u0026 rdquo; they think are outrageous, and finally we can only silently watching the other, secretly broke up. Thing often is the case, Internet transformation of traditional enterprises, it is difficult Nike SB Shoes to find the right people, and our own business people have been blinded by past success. So I decided to train people, I built in 2009 a \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo ;, Guards are a number of graduate schools smart guy, eat to live together, then these people really took on in the transition process of Suntech irreplaceable role. In 2010, the technology face-off in 2010 Suntech's business has been a million, we began secretly developing the online platform. We found that the traditional classes online business people can not, nor can their technical staff. Many technical architecture NIKE KD 6 NSW classes online can refuse to describe. During the year there, we used two teams out of Nike KD 7 the two-line system Nike Zoom KD makes extremely satisfied. I found when recruiting to a third technology management team feel a thing. Traditional business owners, kidnapped technician is a high probability event. All your needs, technical personnel can realize the difference between good and poor technical team technical team that technology architecture capability. Forward-looking layout good architect can make you more agile when requirements change, and poor Nike Shoes Global architect will Nike Blazers Low make you small functional changes like demolition of the house to rebuild it again so miserable. 2011, off the traditional path of Internet-based business, we instinctively want to use the original advantage of the Internet in business to make a division of the company, so the design is almost doomed to failure because the strong mature business destined to continue to squeeze Pressure weak new business. I studied face-agency, whenever so designed its Internet business, without exception, into a \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo ;, gifts department that the Internet Be face to face product giveaways. Internet Suntech attempt, complete with a new company, Nike KD 7 Kids a new brand. We set up a \u0026 ldquo; hey learning network \u0026 rdquo ;, he was born that day must be required to fend for themselves, do not have Nike Foamposite Max the ability to self blood-face business reporting, and even encouraged them to compete face to face. Hey Internet line did not take long to learn, Liang heat Matrix Partners to find over, we talked for an afternoon quickly completed A round of financing. Made no long, hot Nike Foamposite One on the left Jingwei Liang joined Suntech. Do not count on investment in people \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo ;, timely they are \u0026 ldquo; icing on the cake \u0026 rdquo; of, \u0026 ldquo; chase sell \u0026 rdquo; is their best strategy, and also is the most rational Nike Shoes strategy. In 2012, the business off because \u0026 ldquo; hey learning network \u0026 rdquo; adhere to \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo ;, to the agents never been this is a road traveled, we really pay a lot for this price. How to get traffic, how will flow Nike Free into the order, the process we went through three Nike Jordan Prime Nike Free Run Shoes Fly rounds of trial and error. Watching the beautiful course Nike Blazers Low Mens nobody cares about looking at the battlefield brothers bearing Aung Xuan defeated and dejected down the most stressful time I go a fishing village in Hong Kong Nike Air Jordan 12 spent a quiet week. Fortunately, in this year, we found a way. This year, operating income of 30 million hi learning network, revenue Suntech's 2 million, although it also immeasurably, and face to face, but it can at least own survived. In 2013, the product off early in 2013 we will know Hi learning network of business will be rapid growth, our biggest concern at this time but Nike Air Jordan 10 is another problem that the taped completion rate is very low, so let us always completion rate misunderstanding that he is selling health Nike Lebron 11 care products, in the end have no effect is a mystery. In order to improve completion rates we conducted several rounds Nike Hyperdunk 2014 of secret attempts with little success, until we found a live broadcast. 13 years back I went to a New Year visit Dali was still unknown punishment handsome, thank punishment handsome live selfless sharing makes me feel Nike Running really fly. Dali came back from two teams we have established business trying to live. In this year, we live teaching and research advances, and even get a higher pass rates than face to face. Because such a confidence, we began to plan how to \u0026 ldquo; Suntech \u0026 rdquo; the ship of completely Internet-based. In 2014, the organization off now just a matter of organizational change. Internet companies and traditional businesses have a very different organization design, the traditional business organization like a mechanical body, and the Internet business organization like an organism. Lei Jun said millet no KPI traditional businesses like mumbo-jumbo, but it really is right. The first quarter of 2014, we reconstructed the beleaguered organization Suntech, the second quarter, we started to prepare a comprehensive restructuring of Suntech, June 6, we stopped all the sell orders Internet orders face to face. This warrior arm-like transformation Air Jordan Outlet of people thought we were on a whim, in fact, we just deliberate a long time. In the past week, the income Suntech 800 million and net income hey learn 1,500,000, all Internet courses. This achievement I neither particularly happy, did not particularly surprising, since it is \u0026 ldquo; what should happen \u0026 rdquo ;. 99% of traditional companies will die in the transformation and this road, but we know that we are destined to be one percent survive. This article i dark horse All rights reserved Please indicate the source, tort reserved.

mlsikds 2015-09-23 02:58:07
In the end you have a Nike Zoom KD few good father? Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (9 or above) to play this Nike King audio clip. Cheap Michael Kors Click here to download the latest version. You need to open your browser's JavaScript support. Song: Engine Driver Album: Picaresque Artist: The Decemberists Year: 2005.3.22 brands: Kill Rock Stars, he was the son of fishermen. Each of his toes can spread very large, he said it was in order to be able to grasp the storm days fishing deck. He inherited his father. He was the son of a prostitute. There are a lot of tattoos on Nike Free Run Shoes his body with smoke scar, he said it was because he Nike Air Max 90 Camouflage Women grew up, never had to go to school nor the police. He looks like his mother. He is the son of the rich. His wallet had no money, he said it was no surprise, because he grew to know, this kind of thing more money, not spend more. He was the son of a chef. His father did not eat food from, he said, because the whole world taste failure, only he can taste all the flavors are actually Juela. He is the world's most cunning thief, the window of his every trophy, only worth three dollars less; he is history's most ruthless killer, a Nike shoes online spoon next day twenty thousand beat, is Nike Air Presto Shoes a unique way to kill him; he is the most skilled craftsmen you've ever seen, he can use his tongue Nike Zoom Shoes Michael Nike Hyperdunk Kors Watches and Nike Lunar Haze three big bubble gum, carved a vivid Godzilla. He was cute and funny, he has great dementia. He is able to create an unlimited number of their own, there are numerous Nike Pepper Shoes father. Nike Blazers Low But those who were 'he' only live in his pen - they call the same name, has a long chin beard not to scar. One day, they fell in love with a girl, that girl named Matilda, but she only love Nike Air Max 2015 Women artists, writers do not love. He smiled. He Michael Nike SB Kors Shoulder Bags said: 'If you like, I could be painting,' Fontaine 白露林 girl smiled, 'the Renoir..' She Nike Lebron 11 said: 'I'm afraid, was typing Michael Kors Satchels along the moss has no plans, so that you become him.' Writing is really a good career - and see The Decemberists have played the role which extended reading: 1 and one from Oregon Potter Lan independent orchestra. Their band name is taken from the Russian Decembrist Revolt. 2. Colin Meloy soul of the band in college majoring in Nike Air Max 20K Seven Women writing, often published articles in 'The New Yorker', known Nike Air Max 90 BR Women as the Nike Shox 'poet scholar Michael Kors Value Spree system' after playing with the band, with unrestrained imagination and grotesque lyrics Nike Air Max 90 (Womens) strange known. The album 'Picaresque' means the picaresque novel, also known as 'hunger epic', although this is quite catchy pop song features, has been with 'December party' has long advocated the need to do some pioneer rock purpose deviation, but still easy to see Colin indeed influenced by its literary background. 3.Colin Meloy's wife called Carson Ellis, 'December party' all envelopes, the official online gorgeous complex illustrations are from Carson's Nike Shoes hands. Even more interesting is that they or a pair born the same day the same month of the couple. ========================================= I'm an engine driverOn a long run , on a Nike Blazers High long runWould I work beside herShe's a long one, such a long oneAnd if you do not love me let me goAnd if you do not love me let me goI'm a county linemanOn a high line, on a high lineSo will be my grandsonThere are powerlines in our bloodlinesAnd if you do not love me let me Michael Kors Wallets goAnd if you do not love me let me goAnd I am a writer, writer of fictionsI am the heart that you call homeAnd I've written pages upon pagesTrying to rid you from my bonesMy bonesMy bonesI'm a money lenderI have fortunes upon fortunesTake my hand for tenderI am tortured, ever torturedAnd if you do not love me let Nike Heels Boots me goAnd if you do not love me let me goAnd I am a writer, Michael Kors Shoes writer of fictionsI am the heart that you call homeAnd I've written pages upon pagesTrying to rid you from my bonesI am a writer, I am all that Nike Shoes Global you have homeHomeAnd I've written pages upon pagesTrying to rid you from my bonesMy bonesMy bones (And if you do not love me let me go) And if you Michael Kors Totes do not love me let me go (And if you do not love me let me go) And if you do not love me let me go this All copyright belongs to the authors article, reproduced please contact the author and indicate the source: the neighbor's ear and the link address: in the end you have a few good father? Neighbor's ear, have to listen to ideas. Microblogging website @ neighbor's ear micro-channel public number: linjudeerduo2012

redbottom2015 2015-11-03 13:15:17

redbottom2015 2015-11-03 13:16:05
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