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Kocimba WNU - "Rapautentyk"

Premiera: 2017

Brak bliższych informacji na temat tej płyty...

Dodał: xlAura
2014-05-15 22:08:20

ccordinc 2015-07-25 10:24:29
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wwearde 2015-08-17 10:36:13
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Online shopping way cheaper, and secondly of convenience, Wanda made easy electricity supplier, seamless integration of online and offline, so is the service. O2O part, is to Wanda Plaza, Wanda cinema, Wanda KTV and other services bundled together for 55 Wanda Plaza Nike Shoes Global as the core, the surrounding business resources gathered Wanda Plaza, Wanda to Wanda cinema and KTV into one. If Wanda now rushing to do O2O Nike Free platform a bit difficult, but Wanda take their own resources to do O2O project Nike Kobe 9 Elite High-Top is relatively much Air Max for Men easier. Wanda can create their own sites and APP O2O system for their own businesses, including Internet-based systems and mobile Internet systems. Early also be discounts, coupons as the starting point, the accumulation of experience in building development O2O, according to the market situation, until all the conditions permit, to do large-scale sub-O2O platform when the time comes. If you can put around 55 Wanda Wanda Plaza O2O business well, that in the transition O2O platform too late; conversely, if even Wanda Plaza O2O business of their own Nike Air Max 95 Men are doing, that O2O platform more even think of. OTA part Wanda star hotel and travel arrangement, if Wanda have to kick in the Nike Air Max 95 Women Women Kevin Durant KD 7 OTA market participants nor can not, invest in or acquire a company OTA no problem. But Ctrip, eLong OTA occupy most of the market share, Taobao travel platform, where the network also points to grab the OTA market. Which is a listed company Ctrip, eLong has been the United States Expedia Holdings, Tencent invested in the same way, where the network Baidu investment, which several Wanda has the basic game, the rest of the way cattle, leisurely, donkey mother, maybe mango etc. possible, but do Wanda OTA platform is very limited. Therefore Wanda OTA do this can go through, but a short little significance. Wanda OTA layout may be more collaboration with a number of OTA enterprises, promotion under its line of hotels and tourism resources, to make money through business entities. Conclusion Wanda electricity supplier Foreign emphasized that \u0026 ldquo; the seamless integration of online and offline unique model \u0026 rdquo ;, the above analysis made after repeated thinking. Wanda electricity supplier had not optimistic because I think Wanda would do major business platform, but Wanda just pack their business electricity supplier of fully viable. Wanda electricity suppliers just do not be anxious to do a large platform, to accumulate some experience in the electricity business, and slowly expand later. Traditional companies involved in the electricity business, not so easy to say a few words, which were not only experience, but also need technology accumulation, accumulation of resources, personnel and other aspects of the accumulation of accumulation. Rome was not built in a day, large-scale electronic business platform is not built in one day. About Wanda electricity supplier, I only analyze speculation, and there is no pointing of Italy, for informational purposes only, as the Liaoning people still want Wanda electricity providers can color. Via i dark horse By Wang Liyang

mlsikds 2015-09-23 03:03:06
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crx 2015-11-05 10:19:34

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