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The Ostprausters - "OSTside Of Your Brain"

Premiera: 2017

Brak bliższych informacji na temat tej płyty...

Dodał: AndradeLucas
2014-04-30 11:25:45

ccordinc 2015-07-25 10:39:56
'Tongwan 2011 Ilan International Arts Festival' pre-sale tickets on sale 6/1 ticket this year to Nike Air Presto Nike Basketball expand the scope of services, in addition to providing advance ticket service desk Nike Shox in Yilan County Government Cultural Affairs Bureau, but this year for the first Air Jordan Nike Heels Boots 4 Retro time invited to 7-11, the whole family, three convenience stores Lyle rich joint ticket, tickets stronghold Up Air Jordan 3 Retro to 8,838 homes, as long as people can buy tickets to go to the alley mouth, swim Tongwan section. Point Air Jordan 5 Retro Air Jordan 1 I see -2011 Nike Air Max Tongwan Nike Shoes Festival official web sites I see -2011 Tongwan section instant point I see -2011 International Festival Tongwan Mimi activity reports

wwearde 2015-08-17 10:39:37
Washing Thai flute: an anti-social APP how to make the next 30 days, a single volume jumped 3 times i dark horse: washing Thai flute is a laundry O2O model project, it had 400 pages and rely on traditional telephone communication with customers, but also opened a micro letter, but still tepid. Until it developed a App, the situation suddenly reversed, less than 30 days time, the order volume increased by over three times. In fact, the Thai flute washing App nothing terrible secret, it's very simple, single-function voice only under, but at this point, it captures the user pain points, and efforts to achieve the ultimate. The App also confirms the \u0026 ldquo; less is more \u0026 rdquo; product development philosophy, sometimes dazzling function is not necessarily the Nike Blazers Low best for the best. Text / Thai flute washing founder Jazon field I would like to talk about my own experience with the Internet Nike Air Max 2015 Men at the view. Our company is doing on Nike Zoom KD the Cheap Nike Free Outlet big Internet companies are not willing to do the dirty work: Online laundry. Our product was originally called the Thai flute net, after the launch of App washing Thai flute called. App allows single volume growth Nike Running of our company how much this number will make a lot of people surprised:? 300% and more, all home users, less than 30 days. Thai flute network technology before how backward, out of fear the Internet who joke. We rely on a few Nike Air Yeezy II pages and 400 calls. Later, we grow a little bit, follow the trend to make a micro-channel client. Daily volume of more than 300 orders. This data may seem small, but has allowed us to become Shanghai and even the country's largest online company a laundry. Of course, Shanghai also our family only child. But I have Nike Air Max 95 always Nike Blazers High felt that these methods are also less convenient. I want the user to get up every morning the first thing is washing Thai flute think. This requires that I have to have its own platform, so we did a Thai flute washing App, the next there are now more than 1,000 orders. We all know that the Internet company boastful. A few days ago, there is an Internet child exposed the lie big game people say all kinds of operational data, financial data inflated. Our data is absolutely true, something I will not tell you, but do not lie. To do this APP, I spend 30 seconds to make a decision, in my colleague seems very bold decision, that is, cut off other channels, web pages, micro-channel, 400 calls are not, specializing App. I never doubted that decision, but my colleagues and investors worry:? How do decline in the next few days alone, the amount of a sudden drop in orders after the other regional channels cut. I was scared, but not Lost Souls. I watched a stable situation. Who did not expect that, after a few days App downloads straight up. More than 10 days in a row to keep the next day, 1,000 more Kevin Durant than a single record highs. Facts have proved that only took 30 seconds of the decision is correct. Quickly make decisions within that 30 seconds is not racking our brains suddenly came to mind. It is based on the understanding of human nature. People lazy, then enjoyed the convenience will not use complex. For example, after the introduction of micro-channel voice, no one wants to type, are Nike Shoes willing to direct mouth he said. I'm a typical example, before I finished eating, Nike SB Shoes I will find a friend to go around to play with. Now I just sat there after dinner, in the micro-channel with friends, talk about gossip. I grew up a few pounds of meat, always sit with now can not get away. Another person is very simple, that Nike Air Max 2015 is to say, people have path dependence. More channels, orders will increase, but will distract the user stickiness becomes worse. More importantly, web pages, 400 telephone is difficult for users to share. An office as long as a person Nike Air Max 2015 Women open a Web page or write down the Nike KD 6 NSW Lifestyle phone number on it, then run out off, forgotten. If it is a App, Nike Air Max that Nike KD 6 Elite user will download a per person, but also easy to share with friends. Of course, my idea a little chicken thief. Micro-channel single problem is to typing, very troublesome. Of course, there Nike Air Zoom Flight The Glove are strategic considerations behind me said. From the company's point of view, of course, to save energy and effort in. I used to look at the data, we need to open a few back, but also to find someone to statistical data for each platform. No money spent on the knife-edge. Money also to the province. Users through the micro letter, phone orders, when to keep customer service consulting twenty-three minutes. A customer service one hour to process up to 15-20 clients. App with a reduction Nike Free Run Shoes of 4/5 of our customer service. Also let customer to hear something relayed to delivery staff is very easy to make mistakes, we planted fall in it. That's why I'm almost only App a ton output channels. Entrepreneurship is to be the home of the resurrection. I do not believe an entrepreneur is not even not have the courage, but I do not Nike Air Total Foamposite Max advocate foolhardy. Rely on the wisdom Nike Barkley Posite Max to make the product, with a sense of user needs to do the same by the product. Now a lot of people do go out to rely on social App. App's role is not to waste the customer's time-saving efficiency for users. In particular, we do this laundry business, since customers are reluctant to own laundry, they were reluctant to wash clothes to shop around to why he would waste time Nike Lebron 11 writing a review, in which blind people to chat with? So much function do not bother looking at it? It's not to the customer clogging it? So we have this App, Air Jordan Heels from design to final shape, even after all only a single function voice under. When we design, it is anti-social. I would also like to Nike Shoes Global talk about now rotten Internet thinking. Many people think the Internet to sell to sell things is the Internet thinking. What thinking? Thinking is to + do, a lot of people say that the Internet time his thinking, not with the mind to think. I think the Internet thinking there must be two things: First, the Internet of things there is to do things to Nike Shox the extreme, we are doing is App?. Since the client can say against App matter, why let a user typing orders? Second, Nike Air Jordan there is no Internet-based corporate management. Some Internet companies often let users sign a pile of paper slips, Air Jordan Kids Nike KD 7 Outlet which with traditional enterprises What is the difference? Finishing the report list when looking from a lot of paper inside. Paperless is the Internet thinking. Our App, designed to KD 7 For Sale cut the time the user signing session, all data through the App. So whether I was in Shanghai Changning District, or Chongqing, Beijing and make the market, you can always see the line of cases in the rear. Entrepreneurship is a war, you do not see in front of the rear headquarters circumstances, it is only waiting to get you shot. Back I said earlier, not micro-channel is a question of strategic considerations. Many people think that good micro-channel platform, do the above marketing, selling things on top, on top of business. To me, the micro-channel is a channel, a small business point of hundreds of small flow was okay, big business would be difficult to do tens of thousands of traffic. As a micro-channel Nike Air Max marketing platform does not work, when we smashed through the micro-channel wide point on 100,000 to do marketing, it is of no avail. Moreover, the micro-channel is really a non-use positions can not do, it has the fire going? Micro-channel hottest time, nor the most prosperous time microblogging so beautiful. But look at microblogging live now become what? Micro-channel heat while maintaining long? Original microblogging, those who Taobao shop, now how? Little money, go to the Lynx shop. A little money, and only moved to other platforms. A little more time, he died. Really, he died. I want to say, on the Internet recognize godfather, that is not a lucrative business. Public comment, Jingdong, is the name Tencent diversion Guizhu Yi was cooperation with Tencent. Results Tencent to how much traffic they bring it? I do is limited. And I have a point of view, it is not to rely on a large platform, is the only laundry solve a user need to achieve the ultimate in on this point. To me, in order to expand, only to become the entrance. Someone told me that the laundry is a small business, but small businesses may also be bigger. Uber Nike Air Max Lebron 10 Low first to do carpool, not a small business, it is now close to $ 20 billion valuation of the users I imagine the scene:?! User up in the morning, open the App, facing the App said: I want the laundry and washing Thai flute of home delivery staff Take clothes. As long as the user wants Laundry, immediately thought of washing Thai flute. I'll do a tool to make an entrance. To provide users with the best experience to the user save time. I think this is the real Internet thinking. This article i dark horse All rights reserved Please indicate the source, tort reserved.

mlsikds 2015-09-23 03:09:18
Business story: bent closer to dream business Jordan Super.Fly 2 story: Nike Blazers High bent closer to the Nike Zoom KD dream of Man / Wang Xiumei no money, no Women Air Jordan 11 people, not technology, how a university graduate into the tens of millions of years? 26-year-old Zhang Ruifeng Network founder true, but Air Jordan 18 so topped the list in 2014 Fox 30 Chinese entrepreneurs in the age of 30. Zhang true in college, because of poverty, wanted a way to make money themselves. He opened Nike Shoes his own mobile phone shop on Taobao, although not earn much money, but enough tuition and living expenses, but also let him learn self-reliance. University life is about to end, so Zhang true employment pressure sleepless nights. Air Jordans Women's Zhang really Air Jordan 15 decided to start his own business, in order to Air Jordan 17 look for Nike Air Max 2015 Women entrepreneurial projects, he came across on the Air Jordan XX8 SE Internet, a British company specializing in recycling cell phones, the market grew and grew. By this time, the domestic mobile phone market vacancy old, and consumers have become increasingly frequent replacement phone. Zhang really decided to do their own familiar mobile phone market. With the goal, but Nike Blazers Low there is no start-up capital how to do? Zhang really thought of venture capital institutions. If you can get their attention, someone to invest enough. Zhang said the students really crazy, is simply fantastic. Laugh actually inspired Zhang really fight: how operations would not know the results? He put his ideas written business plan, and made the only one in Chinese and English dual version, a brief description of their business ideas. The first month, he told more than 100 VCs cast his own plan, not a little echo, second Michael Air Jordan 3 Retro Kors Totes month, third month, he continued to vote, cast out every month more than 100 results all came to nothing. But he did not lose heart, continue to Air Jordan 9 vote. Hard work pays off, the first four months of Air Jordan 8 the day, Nike Air Presto Shoes he suddenly received a phone call KPCB China Fund offices in Shanghai, invited him to go to discuss his business plan. So this is one of the world's largest venture capital firms, Michael Kors Satchels which makes Zhang really very excited. Shanghai to the post and this company executives to meet each other feel Air Jordan 19 old phone market prospect, decided to give him several hundred thousand dollars business. Back, Zhang Ruifeng really founded on the network, a garage rented as office space, but also invited the staff to do a back office, responsible for online Nike Free Run Shoes orders, himself to find that business. Air Jordan 2 With the increasing recovery of used mobile phones, Zhang really get a more profitable, but he felt by reselling used Nike Lebron 11 cell Air Jordan XX9 phones are not a permanent solution for enterprise development. Just then, he saw a message, one ton of discarded mobile phone was able to extract a two hundred grams of gold and 100 Nike shoes online kg of copper, 3 kg of silver and other metals. Zhang really began to wonder recycling transition to the dismantling of old Michael Kors Handbags mobile phones. However, the majority of domestic enterprises have only dismantling Cheap Michael Kors business, there is no recovery refining technology, to find partners and is a headache. Suddenly Michael Kors New Arrivals one day, he received a call from a friend, saying it was to see a news, national leaders Nike Shoes Global of Europe to investigate the largest Michael Kors Hot Sale precious metals refinery in Belgium Umicore. Zhang really immediately search the Internet this company, we discover this enterprise is to have 200 years of history, with annual sales of over 10 billion euros. (Www.lz13.cn) Moreover, the company also has a branch in Shanghai. This is timely help, Zhang really decided to visit this enterprise. Because there is no appointment, Zhang really been stopped at the Michael Kors Shoulder Bags door, he was not willing to give up, forever to the receptionist talking about his philosophy and programs. Under Ruanmoyingpao, finally I saw the head of Umicore China region. The two companies hit it off. Only one year, they are used and the amount of recycling of used mobile phones reached 600,000, with sales exceeding 10 million yuan. Extraction of gold, silver and other precious metals considerable quantity. Recycling old cell phones is a cause of environmental protection, which makes Zhang really been recognized by Forbes. He modestly said: \u0026 ldquo; persistence is the key to success, do not aim too high, bent down, earnest to do everything, the dream will be closer to you. \u0026 Rdquo; book review business stories business stories business stories Download article

fsz111 2016-04-03 11:13:41
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