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Delekta - "???"

Premiera: 2017

Brak bliższych informacji na temat tej płyty...

Dodał: informator
2013-11-26 19:09:30

ccordinc 2015-07-25 10:27:55
Original Music Awards Government Information Office Air Jordan 1 held Taiwan [100] original pop music Nike Heels Boots awards since 100 years on March 1 began accepting Nike Air Presto registration, welcomed the various units to encourage the relevant personnel Air Jordan Air Jordan 3 Retro 5 Retro are encouraged to register to Air Jordan 4 Retro Nike Shox participate. The Taiwan [100] original pop music awards events, is co-sponsored by the Government Information Office, Hakka and aboriginal Nike Nike Air Max Shoes committee Commission, aims to encourage Holo, Hakka and aboriginal language songwriting, registration to date only 100 years April 30. Interested parties can Nike Basketball go to the Information Bureau of the website site at -http: //info.gio.gov.tw

wwearde 2015-08-17 10:35:21
On the vertical electric provider origin - Internet electricity supplier die! Traditional birth electricity supplier to live! Source: i dark horse Author: Wang Caichen [i horse REVIEW cross as many different angles, near and far different level. If several vertical type of electric provider the main line, from the perspective of Chinese adidas Crazyquick origin founder vertical electric business acquisitions closures, will happen? Look at the two: First moment, Xu Xiaohui was founded in November 2010, a series of slow life apparel electricity supplier, in March 2013 where the passenger was wholly acquired; the new seven-day electrical network, Cho founded in May 2008, Nike Air Jordan 12 a to sell TV-based electricity supplier, in 2012 total revenues of 880 million. Although the category is different, but the same is done vertically electricity supplier, electricity providers face the same vertical biggest problem Nike Free - traffic, but the opposite direction, why not? First, the boss Xu Xiaohui different origin born in 1977, graduated from Beijing University, from Jinshan to Yahoo, then back to Gold, went to Eslite, start early last moment, taking the path of pure Internet; Cho was born in 1975, He graduated from Central South University, 7 Skyworth Air Jordan 11 marketing, three-year Wumart home appliance channel, taking the traditional marketing way. Let's look at a few other Air Jordan Outlet interesting vertical electric provider: Victoria Cotton, Nike Air Jordan 3 underwear, hosiery electricity supplier went bankrupt in August 2012. Founder Lin Wei, three years of work Nike Shoes experience to study abroad, the British MBA degree, one of the earliest B2C website 'cool than have' any product marketing director, Jinshan early entrepreneurial employees 17GAME's vice president of marketing, vice president of interactive Aurora . - The Internet was born. Air Jordan Heels Masamasuo, men's class electricity supplier, in August 2012 came to be acquired, Air Jordan 4 layoff rumors, in January 2013, also known as alive: 'MasaMaso end of the year in 2012 to achieve the scale of profit!', Founder of Sun Hung , who fought in the traditional garment industry for 10 years, he served as Shengdabaoluo and Victor (VICUTU) CEOs. - Traditional industry was born, when he is no longer subject to capital to stimulate the pursuit of size, but to the profits to be efficient, and return to the traditional style of play, the company turnaround. Music Amoy network, with several transition, the first to do toys, footwear after doing electricity supplier, in June 2012 restructuring plan to brand the electricity supplier, in December came losses, the core Nike Air Max 2014 Men team to evacuate Beijing moved to Zhuhai. Bi Sheng, founder and former general manager of Baidu assistant marketing director. - Internet background, alert and reflection, resulting in Nike Air Jordan 10 several transition. Good music to buy, footwear electricity supplier, by the end of 2012 came looking to sell due to financial constraints, in January 2013 came to stop navigation site advertising, a sharp decline in site traffic. Founder and Ro Li Shubin Li Shubin former SOIT website CTO, and Ro has 20 years of experience Nike Shoes Global in the field of traditional industries. - A combination of the Internet and traditional industries. Name shoes Library, located in Xiamen footwear electricity suppliers, from 2009 to 2012, sales were as follows: 38.6 million yuan, 120 million yuan, 200 million yuan, more than 300 million yuan. Founder Xu Songmao focused footwear trade two decades - the traditional trade origin. Second, ideas, ideas decision to play a different background, experience-led methods. In the Internet industry, its also Bo Xing, its sudden, by the combustion of capital, the scale of victory, hit the campaign; in traditional industries, with toughness, by accumulation, to see who live to the end, close combat, fight war . Thinking different origin caused play to three different footwear vertical electric providers the most representative. Said Lok, good music to buy, the library name shoes is the shoes of the three largest electricity Nike Air Jordan 13 supplier, the same category, but practices like a thermometer on three poles: Lok in the highest, good music to buy the center, the library Nike Air Jordan 4 name shoes Low . Lok Bi Sheng, complete Internet background, high hit from the high, is the capital of Air Nike Blazers Jordan 14 play, since its establishment in 2008 has been four Nike Air Max rounds of financing more than 70 million US dollars, and even the lightest models Air Jordan 12 are 'real library consignment' - do not spend money to buy goods, then sold and suppliers checkout; Xu Songmao library name shoes, totally traditional trade background, slow-growing long slow, sales of traditional games are played, so far only been established Alibaba $ 15 million round Air Jordan 13 of investment, This is based on the judgment Ali background sales data - name shoes library of more than 60% of its sales from the Lynx and other open platforms. Not to occupy Xu Songmao start considering the Air Jordans Men's market size, but the company's Lebron James Shoes survival. It is able to sell products to survive, so he did the electricity business thinking and traditional sales no different, 'to have a popular place to shop' Taobao popular enough, he Taobao shop; Jingdong popularity, went Jingdong shop. As Lok, good music to buy later went to Lynx and other open platform shop, after all, then. Good music to buy the Lok between Air Lebron Slide practices and the library name shoes, it Amoy real than the music - a real storehouse actual sales, 'full warehouse' buy mode, but more than a virtual library name Nike Air Force one shoes - throw out a lot of advertising , to gather traffic do platform, so far have been three rounds of financing more than 80 million US dollars. Shoes out of three electricity providers, the aforementioned new seven-day electrical network development was also more special. The new seven-day electrical CEO Cho reputation in the electrical business is not as early engraved Xu Xiaohui, as the original Kuba Zhi-all. He made new, seven Nike Air Jordan days a go, although slow, but survived. At first he and others made vertical electric providers website owner no difference, want to rely on the official website sales, or even become the second Jingdong poly flow. New seven-day also, and Kuba earliest predecessor century electrical network competition, Air Max for Men two not very good too. In survival becomes a problem when, in 2010, was acquired by Gome century electrical network renamed Kuba, but also to solve the new seven-day survival to find another safe play. It Lynx for Skyworth operations in the official flagship store, when the Lynx Skyworth sales increased from 4 million to 100 million. In 2011, the new seven-day and it Nike Basketball took over LG and Asia are the Lynx operations. Until the end of 2012, the new seven-generation operating even beyond the Air Jordan Men B2C business, accounting for 65% of total sales, in part, on behalf Air Jordan Women of the operating margin of around 10%. In the vertical electric provider winter, new seven conservative attitude to explore a 'B2C official website + Lynx flagship store + 3C electricity Cheap Nike Free Outlet supplier hosted' the new road. Vertical electric provider solution on a vertical electric providers Solution Nike Air Max opinions. An industry by traditional sales thinking to give a solution. Whether online or offline, it should follow the basic logic of the nature of business and commerce. In the traditional business sales, there are a variety of categories of vendors, all kinds of different styles of shopping malls. Wangfujing down you can go to Carrefour, Carrefour down you can go to Wal-Mart, the flow of people a lot of commercial real estate platform must exist. Internet is also the case, not so much to do vertical electric business as it is to do a category or a brand dealers, Lynx, Jingdong those large flow of people shopping malls, which the mall popular enough, certainly mall in which business. First moment, Victoria Cotton and other vertical electric providers in remote rural areas to open such a store, then you do besides make the brand products, but also more than a job, spending lots of money to advertise, rent a bus to the crowd from the city center to the outskirts of the guide, it is thankless, cost arrived, however, if the capital does not give support, they can not survive. Lynx, Jingdong platform is the Internet's commercial real estate, is best done by a real Internet business, take the system, poly abortion is their doing. Who did the traditional industries, are more realistic, it must first survive, and then developed to scale. So, we can draw an inference - the future can not say, at least so far, most survived the vertical electric provider, its main founding team members have experience from traditional industries; vertical Most were acquired or death electricity providers, key members of its founding team comes from the Internet industry. Of course, everything is not absolute. The inference Tenable? Gentlemen wish to condoms.

polo2014 2015-09-01 11:07:10

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mlsikds 2015-09-23 03:04:17
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redbottom2015 2015-11-13 11:32:19
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