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DJ Story - "DoBORowe Towarzystwo"

Premiera: 2017

Brak bliższych informacji na temat tej płyty...

Dodał: Matti
2012-05-21 14:43:57

ccordinc 2015-07-25 10:27:14
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wwearde 2015-08-17 10:34:48
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mlsikds 2015-09-23 03:05:47
[North Sea] train south boat Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (9 or above) to play this audio clip. Click here to download the latest version. You need to open your browser's JavaScript support. 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So the next village sent, I reflected for a moment, then sing Air Jordan 10 out , it is the song 'Story of flowers.' Just sung, nor played a prelude to what's between, I can not wait to send recorded under the village, Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse (Women then the village seemed very pleased at the Air Max for Women way that sounds good. Ah, I feel just fine to hear. Ha ha ha. In fact, after just casually play it, at night the village sent to this complete audio, I did not know she was also added to this recording, and his songs are so many people hear, think, or Nike Shoes Global a little excited about it ʱ?? Just sounds a bit noisy hostel, helpless. Kankan told me that day, Michael Kors Bedford & Astor have the Michael Kors Hamilton recording to her and then into the radio, and later gave this thing to forget. Our group recently little deserted south boat, small partners are busy learning or their work. I told the next day probably only village inside gag. One day I asked the next village, which is not quite decadent ah. I said, a little. Then I do not know how to do. Day or a day this continues. Time space extending from countless hands, take everything you can calculate what time, my only only thrown void, I became a lonely awkward waste wood. If someone put me Air Jordan 12 light enough. Once he said a lot, do Lebron James Shoes not say. , The next village, point. South Boat Postscript (Captain below): So I sat on a chair downstairs spit a few cigarette, hastily wrote Nike Shoes a few words. Not a good lyrics, the lyrics do not know count. But when the dead Michael Kors Clutches really hear it sing, and also sing so nice of the time all of my heart. I look like a very happy ha ha ha .... We had did not give the name Air Jordan 13 Retro Michael Kors Designer of this song, if I write a long point like it, but unfortunately Fucai. The song finally put to death in the audio. Before I went to bed to die and said: This nice ah, right now. To death, he said: right. I guess he must laugh at the screen, anyway, I laughed. Like when we listen to 'Story of flowers' as spitting smoke giggle. Not much to say. Finally, let us like a poem written in white, like a tree, continued to spit some who do not understand the secular smoke, talk about some deviant words, any time barren. (Kankan ... in fact, read poetry to the dead ....) ---------------- 'Story of Flowers' 2014-9-21 words: Village Qiu Fu Qu: Facing Death Her story undersea cliffs open into a flower in her obscure Love diverge into a dim light at sunset falls on my window I ah I die in your story ah me in the past you late in your future accompany others just a child ah ------------------ south boat microblogging: Southern North Sea Boat - pirates Trackback: Michael Kors Accessories train neighbor's ear Call for audio radio ing, please Contributors sends audio to linjudeerduo@126.com details, see the neighbor's ear audio radio call for papers requested Click for more stations with Cheap Michael Kors sound ... This article is copyright belongs to the authors of all, reproduced please contact the author and indicate the source: the neighbor's ear and the link address : [South] Beihai boat train neighbor's ear, have to listen to ideas. Microblogging website @ neighbor's ear micro-channel public number: linjudeerduo2012

crx 2015-11-05 10:19:57

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